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why he's going to face charges. >> and your college students could take more than school supplies and clothes. what drugs they could be taking as well. you probably didn't need the weather service to tell you it was a code red day. it was 107. some places saw heat indexes around 125 degrees. it's hot outside. it's like living in a bowl of soup! we're not done with all of the heat wave yet. we have more to come tomorrow. we haven't even talked about storms in the forecast. we'll start it off with wyatt everhart. well, a lot of us have steamed a lot of bushels of crabs. we know how our clawed friends friend now. 118 in annapolis. earlier, we were up to 123 on the heat/humidity combination down -- town.
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we don't keep records on the heat index, so it's tough to say. we had a record temperaturewise at bwi. that's the all time record, 105 at bwi. we had a few storms firing in maryland. it won't mean much for us. tomorrow, heat back on, our excessive heat warning is back on. we're up into the triple digits this afternoon. the heat breaks down some, coming up. well, telling the temperature is one thing, being outside and experiencing the heat is another thing. we were out in north baltimore today with folks trying to dodge the triple digit temperatures. >> reporter: it's summer in the city, we get it, but these are beyond hot times. >> what are you doing today? >> i'm going in the house, staying in the house and
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turning the air-conditioning on and drinking me cold water or a cold beer. >> reporter: in the meantime, she has a wash cloth and an umbrella. on a day like today, it's about dodging the sun and the temperatures. >> come on out this way, get you some water. >> reporter: this is a hot spot for a different reason. people are coming off of the streets to get ac and water. workers were handing out bottles all day. >> it's dangerous and hot. you hot? >> yeah, you got your water? >> you cooling down? >> home, in front of the air conditioner is where they're heading next, maybe a bit boring for kids on summer break, well, tough. the heat involved extreme or maybe innovative measures. some have their own systems of beating the rising mercury.
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>> i put it on my head. i take my bucket hat, i put it on my head like this. it helps me from the heat. >> reporter: the best thing is water and lots of it. anywhere in baltimore, you would be hard pressed to find someone without a bottle. people are staying where they can to beat this oppressive heat. in north baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. now, with the extreme heat and especially today, bge is working to make sure no one's losing power. they're monitoring power usage at all times. because of today's extreme heat, they've activated the system because of the power demands. >> there are different reasons why we may activate the peek rewards. that's because of a result from the power grid.
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>> reporter: bge has put extra crews out to handle power outages. if the demand is too much, they can reduce the amount of power running through the system. the intense heat prompted cfx to reduce the speed of trains. while the reduced speeds add 10 minutes to each trip, rail passengers didn't notice much of a difference. one was shutdown to reboot the computer, as they said. otherwise, it was fine. >> now, back no jew -- now, back in july of 2002, a train's track buckled because of heat injured 92 people. sacking electrical lines are
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causing delays on the line between washington and new carrollton. it's so hot outside! we wanted to see if we could cook inside of a car. we tried to cook cookies and pizza and vegetables. coming up, we'll see how it turned out. and of course, we're working to keep you cool on the website. go to the featured story section to find the hot weather guide. inside, we have a boat load of information how to keep your pets and children cool. now, to the latest on banning bath salts in the maryland. the state's health secretary is trying to get the drug added to the banned drugs list. if they're added to the list, it would make them illegal to manufacture, sell or take.
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they can mimic the results of meth. the ban could go into effect september 1st. governor o'malley says it's time that same sex marriage becomes law in maryland. o'malley is going to sponsor the same sex legislation. he's working on a bill that would give the rights. lawmakers say that the governor's support will help turn the tide. >> there's no bigger megaphone in the state capital than the governor. for him to be part of the team, it will be a big boost in momentum for us. >> reporter: the legislation passed the senate and it stalled in the house of delegates. now, the state gnat ma --
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the state senate leader majority spoke out against same sex marriage. she says that government says marriage is a man and woman, it should stay that way. gay couples can have civil marriage. many believe this legislation threatens the institution of the traditional family. this police chief the retiring. he was chief of the baltimore county department for several years. o'malley says that the chief will replace him on august 1st. well, he was arrested in south carolina last month after reportedly ripping off seniors in a paving scam.
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. now, he'll make his way back to maryland for similar charges. >> he was picked up in south carolina back on june 28th. we told you about that then. now, he's facing charges in anne arundel county. the state's attorney's office says he'll be brought back on august 13th. last month, he was wanted for running a paving scam, often targeting seniors. he would reportedly go door to door, offering to pave people's driveways and then jack up the prices later. he may be tied to numerous cases. he's scheduled for the hearings next month. don't forget, he's no stranger to legal issues. he's been banned from the paving business from north carolina and he was charged with contempt for continuing to rip off customers any way.
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we'll bring you the updates of when he goes to court. the police are trying to find out who stabbed a man outside a. a bar. it happened in middle river. the police got a call about a stabbing victim. they determined he had been stabbed. he was transferred to shock trauma and expected to survive. the construction for the grand prix wall starts monday. the first place walls will be seen by everyone at pratt and light street. >> a month from now, many college students will go back to school. they may take more than school supplies with them coming up, why an old drug to treat add has become a rather common and easy to come by
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drug. and it's so hot outside, we decide to bake cookies in one of the cars. we'll update you on whether or not we were successful. i can't wait to see what she has cooking next. 160 degrees. that's the record at bwi. the old record was 101. we forecasted 102. it flew past that. we'll talk about the unbelievable numbers. do they let up over the weekend? we'll have the answer, coming up.
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>> >> the debt limit negotiations hit a major obstacle in washington tonight.
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this is a live press son presence -- press conference. john boehner has called off talks with the president. we'll have more at 11:00. here at home, the question, how hot is it has been heard around the region, especially today. we tried to answer the question with a cooking experiment of sorts. lynette charles is in the back of a ford escape in her bake shop. what's cooking, or what's burning? well, i feel like a keebler elf. we had dessert and main course and now, the vegetables. that's the next thing on the menu. like the cookies. i put it inside the car. i'll open this. the pizza was the best so far. the pizza was on the ground.
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now, i have the brook -- broccoli in my hand. i'm going to take one out. bare with me. okay, so i would say, this is cooked. i love broccoli, i eat it any type of way. the bag is a little bit cooler. some of them aren't cooked all the way. this is. when you cook broccoli, you can see how it gets brighter green. some of this actually is cooked the lesson is that if it's hot enough, you can cook items, food items in the car and on the car and on the ground as well. don't be alarmed by this. people actually do this. it's common when you have temperatures 100 degrees like phoenix. what do you think, wyatt? >> i think we've all learned a
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valuable lesson. if you're outside in the sun, take shelter. you say the pizza over the cookies? >> yes, it was nice and toasted. the cookies were mushy, but i'll eat them. >> well, we melted things. good job out there. we have to get you cooking more. we'll get the grill fired up. let's talk about the heat advisory tomorrow. we have several house left to get through in terms of the dangerous heat. you can see,the heat index dropped to a refreshing 109 in baltimore after soring up into the 120 range. easton, you're still hanging on to a heat index value. the dew point is up above 80. moisture is above 120 in easton. people are out doing their
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weather. when i was working in michigan in the deep winter, you have to go. you have to do what you have to do. 98 is the air temperature at the airport now. humidity around 43%. hottest spots other than downtown, frederick, always a hot spot. you get down sloping air movement off to the west in frederick, that suppress -- compresses the air. we had storms rumbling by. annapolis, home of oppressive humidity. that emits steam. in ocean city, that's a good place to be today. you want to be here, on the water's edge and back here in the middle of the stand. no good when it's this hot. maryland's most powerful radar is all clear. that could be the case accept for the storms tomorrow and sunday afternoon. the humidity is extremely high.
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especially on the eastern shore. 80 in ocean city, that's like houston, texas in august. as we look at the perspective here, we have a few storms firing to the west. the ones here fizzled out. we're getting a cloud shield. earlier, that would have kept the temperatures down. , they'll keep us warmer actually. that's not great. we'll miss the big ring of fire. that is a scorching hot air mass over maryland almost. optimistic that tomorrow, we'll see a copy cat day and a degree or two cooler as this shifts north and east. a hot spot in the entire eastern united states today. 105 in charm city. very minimal chances of rain. overnight, 79. steam bath. tomorrow, 100 degrees.
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105 in the city. heat index of 115. tomorrow night, 177. again, more heat and humidity saturday. we'll fall back closer to 90 next week. well, next month, college students return to campus, one of the essential school supplies is a drug that helps them study. this student uses aderol often. >> reporter: this college senior has a business finance test and he's all ready. he has his books, notes and pills. it's a prescription drug not prescribed to him, but a friend and he bought it for five dollars. it's a generic form of aderol. he doesn't have add, but he loves what it does to his report card. what's going on in your head
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without it? >> i'm on facebook, youtube, listening to music. >> reporter: how does it change you? >> i'm driven. i don't focus on anything else. i focus on the paper. nothing will bother me and it will get out and good. >> reporter: he's feeling good as he studies all night and into the morning until he leaves for class. >> i'm prepared. i have a lot of formula's memorized and a lot of stuff i crammed for. i think i'm going to rock this test out. >> reporter: a lot of his friends take the pills like he does. half of jr.s and seniors use these stimulants. it's so common that it's on mtv. i've been up all night reading. >> how much aderol did you have today? >> a lot. it doesn't matter. >> at the short term, those
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types of medications can feel good, in the long run, there are significant problems in terms of thinking and mood problems. >> reporter: it is addictive and causes seizures and aggressive behavior. he's been taking it for two years and he's fine. he doesn't think it's wrong. it appears you're breaking the law by doing this. i consider it an unwritten rule. it's accepted. >> did the pill help with his test? >> i know i did great. >> he has aderol to thank, he says. the use of aderol and riddilin increased 10% nationwide. here's a look at what's coming up tonight. rewards points are tempting.
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they can be frustrating and leave you with quart. we work for you tonight to make sure you're getting the most for your points. >> and a new twist on yoga. this is a trend with consequences if you don't keep this in store. we'll have more on the ring of fire, join us at 11:00. who wants to win tickets to see the black eyed peas. we're giving you two chances to see them saturday, july 30th. to enter, go to make sure you like the facebook fan page and register for the contest. you'll also find aling on the contest page. you can sign up for another shot at the tickets as well. if you're expecting a cool
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down tonight, we have the not so low temperature and how hot it will get, this evening.
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he made a good point, just say that, that, well, you're on your own. >> people spend tens of minutes engrossed in the videos.
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another heat warning tomorrow. and here's a reason why we have it back again tomorrow. we're looking at triple digit heat again. stay in the shade.
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try to stay indoors. >> be cool and have a cookie. that's it for us at 6:00. we'll have cookies and we'll be back at 11:00.
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